Saturday, February 27, 2010

The thrill of curling

We've actually seen quite a bit of curling coverage on BBC Sport this year - British men and women both made it pretty far into the tournaments, and we just watched the women's gold medal game between Canada & Sweden (see below). It is sort of dreadfully slow at times, but it has grown on me and I can see the strategy and skill involved. My friend Andy recently described curling as "the nail-biting action of bowling with the glamour of sweeping your entryway." In a way he's still right, but I think curling is going to take its place among Winter Olympics sports I am willing to watch (and not just because of the moment captured below).

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Maren said...

Too funny. Actually, I like watching it too. It's so... Canadian.

Carol Younce said...

We got hooked watching it too. Dad was into the strategy and I was into watching hunks playing shuffleboard. Loved the Norwegian mens' pants too.