Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Grizzly-Bear Chair

The great temptation with this chair would be to dress up in a bear suit from the waist up and pretend to be an 8-legged bear. Which might make it difficult to relax and read, but would be awesome otherwise. I wonder what's become of this chair - did it end up in the Andrew Johnson estate or is it in some warehouse of disused White House furniture and gifts?

via MONSTER BRAINS by Aeron on 2/2/10

Seth Kinman's Grizzly Bear Chair
"Seth Kinman, a California hunter, made this chair from parts from two California Grizzly bears. He presented it to U.S. President Andrew Johnson on September 8, 1865."

- source

I prefer to think of this as some grotesque creature from a recent nightmare instead of a piece of furniture.

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Just Katy said...

AWESOME! This is going right under the pneumatic tube in my dream house.

I think someone should let Obama know this is in storage. He really needs to pull it out for the oval office.