Friday, August 10, 2007

Google Business Referral Representative FAQ

Holy Crap! No time to blog at the moment but I just saw this and think that's about the most interesting idea I've seen in weeks:

Google Business Referral Representative FAQ


Disco Mom said...

Double Holy Crap, sign me up. What a great idea! I walk past 50 local businesses a day and I have a digital camera. Don't you think they'd get suspicious if you ask questions and take pictures like that though? Way to go, Google, using your resources! Dave, why don't you have time to blog, what's happened to you?

Dave Y said...

Apparently you approach them with Google flyers that you get them to fill out or use to confirm the details you take down. It'd actually be kind of a sweet gig for you assuming the girls don't mind being dragged from store to store.

I have a work project this week that is taking up all my extra time - nothing to the Edth degree, but still, spending my evenings on that this week.

Disco Mom said...

Well I "applied", we'll see if they take me on. I wouldn't be dragging the girls from store to store much more than I already do. We do stroller errands about twice a week - bank, cleaners, library, cupcake place (ahem, you know, for Hazel), ups, drug store, shoe repair, whatever. I could pop into a chinese take-out or nail salon on the way and they would all add up. I don't know, it could turn out to be not worth the effort, but $10 per business could buy a lot of cupcakes!

Unknown said...

/. posted on this Monday the 13th at 9:30 at night.

Doesn't it feel good to beat the big guys?