Thursday, August 30, 2007

Useful Mutants, Bred With Radiation - New York Times

This is one of those issues where I feel like the dividing line of opinion is between educated, rational people, and reactionary fools. It's an article about plants, and using radiation to speed up the rate of mutations such that breeders can come up with new, useful lines during a single lifetime. The problem is, you say the word "radiation" or "irradiated" or "mutant" and people flip out.

Useful Mutants, Bred With Radiation - New York Times

What do you think? Is this controversial to you?


Unknown said...

I agree, only a reactionary fool would irradiate G-ds work with the mutating radiation of The Debbil.

Disco Mom said...

Mmm...ruby red grapefruit...

Cool article, funny name. Not controversial, pretty smart actually.

Anonymous said...

I don't flip out when I hear irradiated mutants.

On the contrary, I prepare to welcome the world with Spidey and the Ninja Turtles.