Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Tea, Vicar?

A couple of weeks ago M and I had 'Date Day', where we send the kids to day care and school but then skip work and spend the day together. We went to Castle Howard, which was a lot of fun to wander through at 'adult-pace' instead of 'bored-kiddo-pace'. It was suitably impressive:

Castle Howard

Library, Castle Howard

Statuary Hall, Castle Howard

Garden, Castle Howard

Temple of the Four Winds, Castle Howard

Atlas, Castle Howard

More pics on my flickr.

Anyway, we stopped in the bookshop (as I am wont to do on such visits), and I picked up Know Your Sheep for the kids (its a picture-book of different breeds found in the UK) and More Tea, Vicar?: An Embarrassment of Domestic Catchphrases for myself. It is hilarious.

It is full of phrases like "All fur coat and no knickers" along with their origins, usage, and amusing anecdotes from contributors.

Because I know we're long overdue for some bathroom humour on this blog, here are some of the "Loophemisms" (get it?) that the book lists:

  • Go and check the blackout
  • go and check the plumbing
  • go and check the price of wheat in Chicago
  • go and drain one's radiator
  • go and empty the ashtrays
  • go and empty the teapot to make room for the next cup of tea
  • go and lower the level
  • go and partake of a minor comfort
  • go and pick a daisy
  • go and pump ship
  • go and wring out one's socks
  • go and see a friend off to the coast
  • go and see if ones hat is on straight
  • go and see the man I joined up in the army with
  • go and see the Turk - Mustapha Pee
  • go and shake hands with the wife's best friend
  • go and shake the dew from one's orchid
  • go and sit on the throne and rain over my subjects
  • go and telephone Hitler
  • go for a wee walk
  • go to do a job that no one else can do for me
  • go to the smallest room
  • go where kings go alone
Got any other favorite loophemisms you care to share with the internet?

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Karen Cordano said...

Man, this made me like 12 kinds of happy. I'm gonna see if I can get a hold of that book for Z for Christmas. Thanks for the laugh.