Thursday, October 28, 2010


same rules: no internet searching. You may, however, pop a movie you own into your player and play it if you think you know but aren't quite sure. Lets say one point each for actor or movie, three points awarded for getting both right for each pic. First person to put it in comments either here or on FB gets the point(s). Davey Cruz is the man to beat from round 1. But since that was a warm-up round, no score awarded. This time it's for fake worthless internet points!


Davey said...

No points from the first round huh? OK, well that's gonna be a problem, b/c I have no idea for the first one.

1. I think that's a Cardinal based on the hat, the color is not quite right though.

2. I didn't know at first, but upon closer viewing, that's Sean Connery behind Caine, so that's The Men who would be Kings.

3.Zorro the Gay Blade?

4.Umm something with a war theme. That looks like a Marine haircut in the background, and the radio wire on Bana's shoulder says cop or soldier to me, but I have no clue as to which movie.

5. Uhhhh A Live Action version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame?

6.Ooo Ooo James Bond in a Kilt! On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

7.That Guy From Karate Kid 2... It's a John Cusak Movie from the 80's... He's Doing a Howard Cosell impersonation... Yeah, I can't do it. I don't remember.

8.That's a woman making baskets. In a camper I think. Curved walls up to the ceiling.

9. Christopher Walken in the DVD extras for Raiders of the Lost Ark doing his original screen test for Indiana Jones

Karen Cordano said...

Only recognize the 3rd from the bottom. One of my all time favorites-Better Off Dead. The guys who learned to speak English from listening to Howard Cosell.

dave said...

Aaah I forgot about Buzz as a possible commenting place! Now I have to track blog comments (C), facebook once the note propagates there(F), and Google Buzz(B)!

Score at present:
(B) Rob G: 2 points
(B) Don C: 9 points
(B) Anne: 3 points
(C) Davey: 2 points - you only get ZtGB and OhMSS, scooped by Don on Buzz for the rest. If you can name which Bond, you can turn that 1 into 3.
(C) Karen: correct, but no points! Scooped by Anne Austin on Buzz 15 minutes earlier!
(B)Akaemi: 1 point

dave said...

Correction: Don has 5 points

(B) Don C: 5 points (3 for MwwbK,1 for BHD, 1 for LMS; ought to have been 9 but Rob did the actors on BHD and LMS first.)

Shells said...

OK - I am in
1st - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum - Buster Keaton (these shouldn't count since I only know them by being married to you and thus indoctrinated into your family films)
2nd - Is that Sean Connery in the background? I don't know the film.
3rd - Zorro the Gay Blade with George something
4th - no clue
5th - no clue
6th - no clue
7th - Sixteen Candles?
8th - no clue
9th - no clue on movie, actor is, oh no, I can't remember his name!

Karen Cordano said...

Um, what the heck is Google Buzz?

dave said...

Michelle scores 3 points for Buster Keaton in AFTHOTWTTF

Davey said...

But Dave, I DID name the Bond film.

dave said...

@Davey: But NOT the actor! Still, I guess I should be able to give you credit for role, it just seems like you ought to know the actor on that one, too.

Davey said...

I didn't want to have to spell Lazenby without looking it up on the internet. :-(

I am a bad speller.