Friday, October 29, 2010


Rules change! You may only participate by Commenting, Buzzing, OR Facebook - no checking others' answers outside your method please. Points will be awarded separately. Lets see how that works. Still, here are the standings from Round 1:

Don Corcoran: 5 points
Davey Cruz: 4 points
Michelle Younce: 3 points (I thought Jeff would've gotten the Buster Keaton pic first, but M got to it before he did!)
Anne Austin: 3 points
Rob Greene: 2 points
Frank Manna: 2 points
Akaemi Barnett: 1 point
Karen Cordano: 0 points under the old rules, but would've been 3 under the new. Thus: 1 point
Gabe Soll: 1 point (again, zero under yesterdays rules, but he deserves one)
Wam: No points for just saying you think you know sommat without proving it!


Shells said...

I know I am late in participating, but here are my answers (without looking at anyone else's responses):

1 - No clue
2 - Some like it hot
3 - No clue
4 - No clue
5 - Pirates of Penzance (Kevin Kline)
6 - Alice in Wonderland ?
7 - No clue
8 - The Young Victoria with Emily Blunt

dave said...

7 points to Michelle