Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Here are a few screencaps from some of the hundreds of films I'm backing up to the HD so we can watch them anytime on the PS3. I'm thinking you can name them all, but maybe not.


Shells said...

Shows you how much I know - I can only figure out 1 - North by Northwest. And I could be wrong!

Unknown said...

So I'm gonna guess:

1. Those are Brad Pitt's eyes. So that makes it easy to pair down from all of the other possible Sword and Sandals epics and say Troy.

2. That is Juliet from the Ziffereli[sp] Romeo and Juliet.

3.Really Dark Picture, but honestly I think that's the Govenator so... Conan?

4. North By North West. So bright in comparison to the more modern films!

5. This is The Volcano set from You Only Live Twice. I wasn't sure in the thumbnail, but once you click to get the larger version you can clearly see NINJA! which you shouldn't be able to clearly see, but you know what I mean.

Geary said...

How do you get the screencaps? I don't think my software allows me to.

Jeff said...

No search engining:

1. One of the LoTRs - Fellowship?
2. Zeferelli's R&J
3. GAR can't see on this monitor...that isn't Shrek, is it? No. That wouldn't make sense...
4. NbNW
5. Dr. No

Dave Y said...

Wow, that was a lot of quick responding - this might become a regular game!

Davey is fully right, although he ought to have specified between conan the destroyer or conan the barbarian. Bonus points for recognizing the set from YOLT. Jeff, two out of five leaves some room for improvement. Shells, you will be required to watch more James Bond and Conan movies.

Dad, if you're using VLC (which I installed on your computer when I was there, so you should be), right click on the playing/paused video itself, then from the popup menu select Video->Snapshot. It should save it off to your My Pictures someplace. Those of you not using VLC, I highly recommend it - its free, open source, extremely capable, and not bogged down with Microsoftiness or other proprietary garbage (I'm looking at you, RealPlayer). Let me know if you run into any trouble.