Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Random Links

Taking half a day off today to get a few things done; blogging may as well be one of them:

Quick reminder: those of you not watching My Shared Items are missing most of my pithy (or perhaps obnoxious, according to taste) commentary on things I encounter on the web.

A few new blogs I'm reading:

  • With Words Unsaid and Thoughts Unallowed; Cousine Celeste's freshly minted take on the world. She's witty, pretty, and can make salvadoran pupusas - line up fellas.

  • SpyTalk - Despite the name, its surprising what passes for news coverage of 'intelligence' - this one's pretty good so far.

  • Amagi Games - Levi Kornelson is energetic, creative, and giving away lots of handy ideas, techniques, and templates for role-playing games.

Finally, this video I ran across - next time you want to play H-O-R-S-E, try it up against these girls:


Shells said...

Whatever, I can totally beat them...

Merilee said...

Dave-- Thanks for the shout-out! It makes me feel pretty important to have people all the way in England reading my posts.

Yours are quite fun to peruse as well. What can I say--I love the Younce family.

Merilee said...

And that's Celeste...not Merilee. Sorry--being home, I didn't realize it was my Mom signed in.

But I know she loves your family too.

Matthew said...

I was unaware of the shared items, glad I now know. Downloading the Wilco covers as I type.