Sunday, July 06, 2008

Auction House Finds & Rock Clambering

So on the 4th of July we went to the local auction held every Friday - lots of people had recommended it and I'd browsed their offerings once or twice online and seen a few cool things. I looked at what would be up for auction and saw a few things I wanted to see in person. Here's what I ended up with:

Mahogany Leather-topped Library Table & Half-moon Mahogany Stool

Close-up of one of several Decanters that came together with some other junk

Prices were pretty decent - I spent less than I expected to - and the auction process itself was pretty fun; I expect I'll be checking it from time to time to pick up some cool furniture and other odds & ends.

Then after H got out of school, we went to nearby Brimham Rocks to clamber around & take pics.

Family @ Brimham Rocks

flickr set is here.


Tona said...

Wow, love the furniture!! It probably has a great story to go with it, or at least you could make one up.

Matthew said...

That is certainly a lot of effort to go to just to be able to use the word clamber in a blog post.

Adam and Mel said...

Dave! Coop gave me the link to your blog. Long time no talk, sorry. It's hard to keep up with old friends sometimes. We spend two days with Eric in NYC last week and had a blast catching up. Hope you guys are doing well. drop me a line sometime at