Saturday, July 19, 2008

Music Blogs! Part 1: A-K

I love music. Not as much as some people. And not with a lot of pretension. Well, some I guess. Anyway, I'm in a finding mode where I've come across a bunch of new blogs that go in my "music" folder in Google Reader. Here's a selection:

*Benn loxo du taccu This world-music blog used to be exclusively African music, but lately there have been posts dealing with China, Syria, Argentina, Turkey, and so on. I don't download very much from here but I'm glad its there, and sometimes I like it.

Battle of the Midwestern Housewives - just found this one today, but it looks like a nice punk&ska source.

Born Again '80s - mostly remixes and 12" of old 80s songs. But that means sometimes a version I've never heard of a song I already know I like.

Copy, Right? - sadly defunct now; but Lobstar/Liza had some great posts, and her Blog Roll is worth mining for other music blogs you might like.

Cover Freak - A decent little cover blog. My only complaint is that only the summary shows in Google Reader, so I have to actually go there if I think it might be interesting. I know, poor Dave, he has to click once in a while... - No complaints! Steve hooked me up in the comments!

Cover Lay Down - a good folk covers blog; you've probably seen me sharing items from here. I download anything that looks halfway decent or that I've heard of before.

Covering the Mouse a covers blog (detecting a theme?) devoted entirely to Disney songs. Sadly, no links to download the songs, but a little digging through the "View Source" will get you there, if you need to.

Fong Songs - Another covers blog I share a lot from; this week was Muppet Week.

Good Rockin' Tonight - Fairly new to my Reader list, but proving productive so far.

I AM FUEL, YOU ARE FRIENDS - Added last week, but seems like a keeper. Still in probation though.

i rock i roll - just added today; still on probation.

That's all for part 1. In part 2: L-Z!


Steve McI said...

If you unsubscribe from Cover Freak in Google Reader and then resubscribe you should be able to see the entire post in GR.

Steve McI
Cover Freak prop.

dave said...

Awesome! Thanks, Steve!

Shells said...

Being a Y, I thought for sure your part 1 would be L-Z...