Monday, June 18, 2007

Feel the Love

My friends (for I dare to call you friends!) over at the Durham 3 Podcast do me great honor during the Camp Nerdly recap episode (at about 2:30 in). To the point of some embarrassment. Thanks fellas - that means a lot; Nerdly was/is the triumph that it was/is due as much to each of you as anything I did.

Long live the Durham 3.


Disco Mom said...

very nice, dave. as usual i am completely retarded and did not realize CN involved so many people and had become so big in just two years. i didn't even know it had its own website and official registration and stuff. that's a lot of organization! i thought it was just you and a handful of internet friends. anyway, very cool, i'm sure you'll be booked solid in years to come.

Maren said...

Good stuff. I read the Nauvoo game thread and it was interesting. Kudos to you.