Monday, April 23, 2007

PoK: Turkey

The Plane of Knowledge is back from hiatus, but reserves the right to go back on hiatus whenever I please. Hue and Cry do affect me, however.

1) Name 3 names for Turkey's largest city

2) In chronological order of common usage

3) Tell about the associations of each name

4) What does the name 'Turkey' mean

5) Who is the father of the modern Turkish state and when did he live?

6) How was the area politically organized prior to the modern republic?

7) Give 2 alternate names for the landmass comprising most of modern Turkey?

Mechams, we're counting on you to hold back until others have had a chance.

Answers from 'Plural Nouns, Pt. I'

1)Rhinoceros: Crash/Calf

2)Goose: Gaggle/Gosling

3)Ant: Colony or Army/Larva

4)Lion: Pride/Cub

5)Whale: Pod/Calf

6)Crow: Murder/Chick

7)Rook: Parlaiment/Chick

8)Raven: Unkindness/Chick

9)Badger: Cete/Kit or Cub

10)Hyena: Pack or Cackle/Pup


Anonymous said...

1. Istanbul Constantinople, Byzantium
2. Byzantium, then Istanbul, then Constantinople, now it's Istanbul ;-)
3. Constantinople is named after the emporer Constantine, a "Christian come lately" Emporer of the Roman Empire. I don't know the others
4. Land of Turks?
5. ?
6. Ottoman Empire! Bad Guys in WW1
7. Asia Minor and..?

Maren said...

I held off as long as I could. Here are my guesses.
1. I'm with Davey on that
2. Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul
3. Byzantium: main city of the Byzantine Empire, Constantinople: Greek for "The City of Constantine", Istanbul: a degradation of Constantinople
4. Country of the Turks
5. Mustafa Kemal Attatürk, 1880's-1930's or 40's
6. Ottoman Emipre
7. Anatolia, Galacia

Bonus question: What do the Turks call the bird (or meat) we call a turkey?