Thursday, April 26, 2007

Guest PoK: Motorcycle Culture

Today's is by Dan Lackas.

1) What is the origin of the word 'Hog'? What does it refer to now?

2) What does each of the following terms refer to:
*Road Gator

3)In the original Honda ad: "You could find ____ _________ _________ on a Honda"

As for answers for yesterday's PoK, I got sucked into the amazing The Vinkhuijzen collection of military uniforms on the NY Public Library's site last night. I found amazing examples of each, but they're downloaded at home, so I'll compose the answer post sometime this weekend with them. But Davey was pretty close, except on Sapper, which is my favorite.


Metavosk said...

Hey, I'll give this one a shot, though at this point, I think I know more about motorcycle mechanics than culture, and I don't know a lot about that, either.

1) Uh... It's a Harley of some sort? Now it refers to any large cruiser?

2) Squid - Only time I've heard it, crazy navy boys on bikes

RUB - No idea, but I'm guessing it has something to do with falling.

Cager - Person driving a car (i.e., in a cage).

Bluehair - Old Biker?

Road Gator - No idea, but I'd guess a bike that has a loud, deep-throated exhaust note. Could also be a pothole, ala "Tar Snake"

Backwarmer - passenger, preferably female, but I'd go Brokeback for Davey.

3) Ok, seriously, how old do you think I am? I'm gonna go with something cheesey, like "your own road"

Chuck Homic said...

I thought HOG originally meant Harley Owners Group, then sort of became the members of the group, then sort of became the bike itself somehow.