Monday, April 09, 2007

Plane of Knowledge: The PoK You've Been Dreading

For each of the following phobias, tell what is feared:
- Gymnophobia
- Acrophobia
- Triskaidekaphobia
- Apiphobia
- Ophidiophobia
- Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia (look carefully, you'll figure it out)
- Epistemophobia

Bonus: Nyctohylohippophobia

seriously, we could go on all day. It'd be fun, too. But that'll do for now - gotta save some for the future.

Answers to "Know your Conifers"

1) Spruces, such as the blue spruce Tona mentioned, have short needles attached singly along the twig, and hanging cones
2) Firs also have flat, short needles, but have noticeably pyramidal shape and erect (growing up) cones. That's why Fraser Fir is such a popular Christmas tree - the pyramidal shape.
3) Pines have longer needles bundled in clusters of 2-5.

The two things I was looking for for edible parts were pine nuts and the soft white underbark. But Brian gets credit too.

Hemlocks, cedars, junipers, yews, and redwoods are also conifers.


Brian said...

Acrophobia = fear of heights
Ophidiophobia = fear of snakes

Maren said...
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Maren said...

Gymnophobia- the fear of movement
Acrophobia- fear of heights
Triskaidekaphobia- fear of eating a multi-layered hor'dourve made of triscuits
Apiphobia- fear of application program interfaces
H...- (Ha! You have such faith in me)
Epistemophobia- fear of being near the base of something

Bonus: Fear of meeting up with wooden hippos at night?? Yikes. I think I have that one.

Anonymous said...

1. fear of exercise
2. fear of heights
3. fear of dancing
4. fear of bees
5. fear of eggs
6. fear of the number 666
7. fear of knowledge

8. fear of being beat on the head at night by wild animals?


dave said...

Oh! the Mechams are SO CLOSE on the bonus. Especially you, Maren.