Friday, April 27, 2007

PoK: Poorly drawn map of Australia

Label parts A-P.

Answers to 'Motorcycle Culture':

1) What is the origin of the word 'Hog'? What does it refer to now?

From Wikipedia: "Beginning in 1920 a team of farm boys down South that would become known as the 'hog boys' consistently won races. The group had a hog, or pig as their mascot. Following a win, they would put the pig (a real one) on the back of their Harley and take a victory lap. In 1983, an organization was formed, taking advantage of the long-standing nickname by turning "hog" into the acronym H.O.G., for Harley Owners Group. Many Harley-Davidson enthusiasts capitalize the word to make "Hog" and consider this term the sole property of H-D."

2) What does each of the following terms refer to:
*Squid - "Squirrely Kid"
*RUB - "Rich Urban Biker"
*Cager - Person in a car
*Bluehair - old person
*Road Gator - shredded truck tire on the roadway
*Backwarmer - (typically female) passenger

3)In the original Honda ad: "You could find ____ _________ _________ on a Honda"
The Nicest People

Props to Mark, who was the only one brave enough to try.


Anonymous said...

Alright, some wild guessing here.
a. Northern Territory
b. ?
c. Ayers Rock, the bellybutton
d. Western Territory
e. Perth
f. Southern Territory
g. also Perth
h. Queensland
i. Tasmania
j. Perth again
k. New Wales
l. Canbera -Capitol of Australia
m. Sydney- not the capitol
n. Queensland again
o. Great Coral Reef
p. and for a final time Perth

Maren said...

Total guesses, without looking at the previous comment
a. Darwin
b. Alice SPrings
c. Ayers rock
d. Western Australia
e. Perth
f. Maudland
g. Melbourne
h. Victoia
i. Tasmania
k. Canberra
l. Sydney
o. The Great Barrier Reef
p. Bisbane