Wednesday, May 30, 2007

You're __________!

We (re-)invented a terrible game here at work. It's straight out of third grade:

Whenever somebody says something, evaluate whether it would be amusing to take the last word or several words of their sentence and say them back in an accusatory way.

Josh:"The humidity makes the air feel thick."
Me: "You're THICK!"
Josh:"Seriously, that's getting kind of annoying."
Me: "You're ANNOYING!"

Yes, it's infantile (you're infantile!) and stupid (you're stupid!), but it's also totally fun. Try it today!


Jeff said...

Somehow, it didn't work on my boss as I had hoped.

YOU'RE innefectual and slow!

Jeff said...

AND a bad speller!

David said...

a better come back would've been.


Dave Y said...

Very nice. Clearly you've played this before!

David said...

i've played YOU before!