Tuesday, August 15, 2006


So, I had this crazy idea a while back that I wanted to make a site that was both a wiki and a random-generation machine. I play RPGs, and it's often handy to have, for example, a list of random names you can use in-game, or a detailed list of books a wizard might have on his bookshelf. I've always used Tablesmith for this stuff offline, but I wanted an online place where lots of users could all upload their own source material for random generation and mash-up with each other's tables.

Thus, Abulafia was born. On most pages, the content will change when you refresh.

How does it work? Well, I built it using MediaWiki, the same package used for Wikipedia. On top of that, I wrote a parser extension in php to parse through the possible results people put on their tables, and come up with a way to spit it back out in new and cool combinations. I'm adding content all the time (mostly by converting old Tablesmith tables), but so far I'm most proud of:

Fantasy Menu
Alchemical Recipes
Fantasy Books

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