Sunday, January 08, 2012

You're still here?

Oh. Look. An Audience.

I find I have less time to write composed thoughts, or even to go through the acrobatics of posting other people's content and opinions here as though they were my own. In short, I have for all practical purposes ceased to blog. But not to participate in the internet.

In corners of cyberspace, I continue to create and curate content, collaborating with Corvidaeon caves, chimera, covetousness, conifers and canidae, and, uh, combative clothing. Also Cephalopods, but that's happening on G+, not tumblr (but deserves mention while we're still listing Cs).

I still use Google Reader to follow most things I follow, but since they did away with Reader's social aspect there's no longer a feed or page I can point to where I highlight and comment on stuff I find interesting. Instead, that all happens on Google+ at the moment. So if you put me in a circle there, you'll see some of that.

I still run Abulafia, my random generator collection housed within a wiki, but these days my participation is mostly limited to banning the spammers that seem to crop up despite multiple extensions to weed them out. But once in a while I make a generator about some idea or other, or contribute ideas to someone else's.

I very very rarely tweet.

Of course if its following the goings on of our family, well you should be over on Shells and the Gang anyway.

See you around.