Sunday, January 31, 2010

I've seen a thousand faces, and I've rocked them all.

Here are a couple of mashups of Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive" to keep you entertained, plus a banjo cover because I know how you like that.

M. I. A. Wanted Dead Or Alive by Dj Schmolli  
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M.I.A.Wanted Dead Or Alive.mp3 (5060 KB)

Careless Or Dead (Bon Jovi Vs. by The Kleptones  
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20 Careless Or Dead (Bon Jovi vs. Ge.mp3 (6110 KB)

You Give Love A Bad Name by Pickin' On Series  
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01 - You Give Love A Bad Name.mp3 (5048 KB)

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Alatu Hunter and Migration

I love that even the bird is riding the mount.

via A home for creature art by Brynn Metheney on 1/31/10

I too have a mount in my post hehe. These two images were created for various challenges on CGHub - Mike's Creature Challenge and the 2D Drawing Jam "Flight"

Alatu Hunter

The Troubles of Migration

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Character History as Character Ability Set

This is the "Military Paths" portion of a much bigger directed graph. Inspired by some things in Burning Wheel and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, I've been thinking about a game where moving job-to-job replaces all the things that skills, classes, and feats do in D&D - but because there are many ways to travel the system, you still get a lot of choice at any point about what your character will become next. You'd get some choices within each career node too - how long you stay in that career gives you certain options for your character that would affect play directly. It's all very vague and notional at the moment, but I'm having fun with it and it's making my gears spin a bit, which I like. If you start with a character who's, say, 35 years old, you'd have to determine (by a system I've thought a little about but haven't committed myself to) what he or she'd been doing since about age 10 - already, the moment you sit down, you have the basis of an excellent character backstory combined seamlessly with what the character can do in the game.

Just something I'm thinking about.

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I might actually try this

My main issue with oatmeal has always been texture. I like the taste just fine, and in fact I like the _idea_ of oatmeal, I'm just not always keen on the sludginess. On the other hand, I so rarely have any time to devote to breakfast preparation that it seems like I won't be able to have this on a workday. Unless I try it on a weekend and absolutely love it.

via fashionably foodie by rachelle on 1/29/10

hot oatmeal drink
this is a comforting hot drink that is filling enough to be breakfast.  it tastes delicious, like a bowl of sweetened oatmeal, but is convenient because you can drink it out of a mug.  it is so perfect for cold mornings.
it took my kids a few tries to get used to the 'new oatmeal,' but they now like it-  my husband loves it and requests this 'oatmeal drink' often!

hot oatmeal breakfast drink (atole)
an original recipe by rachelle

1 heaping cup oats (instant or regular, both work well!)
2 1/2 cups water
dash salt
1/4 cup sugar
2 cups milk

heat water, salt and sugar in pan until boiling.  add oats, cook for 2-3 minutes.
meanwhile, heat up milk in microwave for 2 minutes or bring to an *almost* boil in another pan.
pour milk in blender and add hot cooked oatmeal mixture.
start blender on low and hold onto the lid with a towel- this is a full load for a blender so start slow.
increase blender to high and blend until smooth.
serve in mugs.  add a sprinkle of cinnamon if you like!

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I'm trying out Posterous as a way of managing all my internet-postyness. It looks like a very capable solution and there are some things I'm excited to do with it. For now it will be replacing Google Reader shares while I evaluate it. Ironically, I'm posting this to my blog, then going to share it 'the old-fashioned way' in Google Reader so that anyone following that feed will see it.

The Losers

OOoooh - definitely recognizing some scenes from the comic. color me hopeful.

The Entertainment Tonight clip from before was only the start. Welcome, ladies and gents, to the full trailer for The Losers.

And yes, everyone should be saying “I’m the Black Macguyver… Blaguyver” by the end.

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