Friday, May 04, 2007

I'm headed off to Camp Nerdly this weekend, so that's my excuse for the slack PoKs this week. Here's another easy one, because I started watching Shogun last night:

1) What's the big sword called?

2) What's the small sword called?

3) What's the dagger called and what's it used for?

4) Who is the greatest swordsman that ever lived? (No, not Madmartigan from Willow)

Answers to PoK: Boy Scouts

Clearly this one was too easy.

1) Davey's right - Robert Baden-Powell

2-4 go to Eagle Scout Eddie, except for the addition of Tiger Cub from J-Wo.


Anonymous said...

Little Sword
King Swordsman

Maren said...

Saber, machete, steak knife (cutting your meat, you silly)
Errol Flynn

Anonymous said...

I beat Mark to it!
1.) Katana
2.) Uh.. Wakasizshi? [sp]
3.) Tanto. As to what it is used for, being as that you are watching Shogun, you want the Seppuku answer, though they were used all the time just for stabbing in general.
4.) I have no idea, all the greatist swordsmen I know never lived; just like the Mad one.

Metavosk said...

Naturally, the Greatest Swordsman is Hiro Protagonist.

No, really, I think #4 is a trick question... Who's to say *which* sword, and how are you going to pit a 20th century fencer against a 10th century bezerker or a 14th century Samurai, anyway?

Jeff said...

1. Katana
2. Wakasashi
3. Tanto (though what's with the tip in this picture?)
4. Just me, baby. Just me.