Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Requested Recipes: Strawberry Cupcakes

Long-lost Robinson Ram Katie asked for a recipe for Strawberry Cupcakes. Actually, Katie was never 'lost' per se, I just never knew her while we were at the old alma mater.

Usually I let M do all the baking - she's great at it, usually enjoys it, and I reap the full rewards of that combination. So this comes from one of M's cookbooks: The Cake Mix Doctor Returns, by Anne Byrn. It looks, if I may say so, scrummy. I have very high hopes that Katie is going to make these to bring into work one day soon!

Another fabulous place to go for baking recipes is my sister Kari's baking blog, The Virtual Goody Plate. There's even a section just for strawberries!

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