Friday, May 25, 2007

xkcd Rules

So, there's a few good webcomics out there. Actually, there's probably tons and tons and tons. Turns out the internet is B-I-G. But one of my favorites is xkcd, because its all nerd-point-of-view in the best ways.

And one that seems right at home here:


dävid said...

those are really good.

i like the collaborate. listen.

dave said...

I had you figured for a Vanilla Ice fan.

dävid said...

well, that should go without saying.
how about an excerpt from cool as ice

VI - is kat there?
parent - i'm sorry, who?
VI - you know, kathy, yo' daughta?
parent - hold on one second...

dave said...

... busting at the seams here. very nicely done.

Davey said...

Dave, once again you have introduced me to something that makes me waste so much time at work I am in fear for my job.

So, to retaliate I leave you with this simple fact: tvtropes will ruin your life.


dave said...

I already spent days on tvtropes! I love that site. But! Did you know about the coolest parts of it:

Story Generator


Pitch Generator

I love random generator toys.