Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nothing would surprise me with this kid.

So, this morning during church, my son E, who is 4, had me convinced he could full-on read (possibly in Spanish). Now, I know that he cannot - he's in Reception (which is like Kindergarten but it starts with 4-year-olds here) and he's learning some phonics and can sound out simple words like 'car', 'into', and 'the'. All of which is well and good - in fact, I think he's proceeding quite well and am immensely proud in a proper, dignified, fatherly way.

He was looking through my Bible, as he often does to keep occupied during church, because he knows that his name can be found on a page in Genesis, and because I have scattered throughout it some transparent Jesus stickers that someone gave me and that I put in there during my mission. Also, my Bible is nonstandard - it is a dual-language version with Spanish in the left column and the corresponding English in the right. It is a standard Born-Again Bible in other respects - minimal index, but pages on how to be saved by accepting Jesus, Christ's words in red, etc. Anyway, it's my Bible and its the one I read cover to cover as a missionary and it has all my notes and markings in it. Here's the page E was looking at:

So after he looks at it for a minute, he turns to me and says "He didn't say anything."

Me: "Wait, what?"

E: "Jesus. He didn't say anything"

Me (internal monologue):WHOA! That's verse 7 right there! Not only can he read silently, this kid is reading and paraphrasing what he's reading!

Me (aloud): Uhhhh, how do you know that?

Any guesses? I'll post the answer in comments tomorrow.


Jeff said...

No red?

Lykaon said...

I'm gonna go with no red as well.

Stephanie said...

The no red is a good guess. Before reading that I was just thinking because the picture doesn't show Jesus talking.

jeans said...

Was it standard for missionaries on your mission to use that version of the Bible? I know the church just released an LDS Spanish version after all these years.

Dave Y said...

Yes, it was that he saw no red words - I tried to be subtle adding that in to my description of the Bible, but clearly I am less subtle than I prefer to think. But still, in the moment, I was sure he was comprehending.

@jeans: It was a gift from Grandma Jean - it's KJV English and Reina-Valera Spanish, which is the same translation the church uses but it was not the same Bible they issued us.