Friday, October 16, 2009

The Fall

A few years ago, I saw this trailer, and knew I wanted to see this movie. Then I promptly forgot all about it.

Tonight M and I watched "The Fall". I also remember thinking no movie could possibly deliver what that trailer seems to promise. But it did. It was beautiful, both visually and emotionally. I will be buying a copy of the film in Glorious Blu-Ray for my own collection.

It's also the best depiction in film I've yet seen of the kind of emotional collaborative storytelling I've experienced in the best roleplaying games.


Unknown said...

I remember being super-excited to see it, but when it was in theaters, the reviews were pretty iffy so we skipped it. Thanks for the reminder, I've added it to my Netflix queue. Was also surprised to see Ned from Pushing Daisies in the trailer.

Dave Y said...

We were surprised to see him, too. Apparently he only acts when there are extremely vivid colors.

hemisphire said...

His first movie, The Cell, is as prettily shot as the story is disturbing. This one's on my list to watch as well.