Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Network Without Me

Nexus has a certain Gibsonesque appeal to it:
My Network without me: Nexus

In Touchgraph I can drag some of the Singletons over towards networks I associate them with:
My Network without me: Touchgraph

Generally speaking, people cluster about how I'd expect, neatly into the subgroups I'd put them in mentally. All the Story Games people together, all the Blackbird people, all the people at the various churches I've attended, and links mainly where a person is known to associate with more than one group (which is why of course Michelle is the biggest hub on both graphs). But these graphs raise a few questions, too. How does Matt C know Steven B? How does Angie B know Amy F? No doubt there are other links unknown to me I haven't noticed on the graph.


hemisphire said...

Now you need a graph with people who responded on your blog vs. those who responded on FaceBook.

Dave Y said...

what i need are free, open source, easy to use visualization tools that actually make pretty visualizations. graphviz doesn't count.

Shells said...

Interesting, I always thought I had big hubs too....

Honestly, this was very fascinating to look at.