Friday, September 18, 2009

Loot of the day

Here're the lots I won at our local auction (by proxy, I went and looked last night and then called in my bids this morning:

Old photos, the one on the left of some Victorians on camels in front of the Pyramids

A pair of nice oak serving trays

A nice looking set of weights for my desktop/alchemy lab area

A peridot ring I bid on sight unseen for my daughter whose birthstone is apparently peridot and who will lovingly cherish and eventually lose it.

Space heaters for the possibly drafty nursery or wherever else we want them this winter.

And then I also got the following off eBay - I had seen this set of interchangeable tile-playmats at E's kindergarten classroom and looked around for them online.

I bought two sets for more road possibilities.

All considered I was quite proud of today's acquisitions!


Carol Younce said...

I certainly love all your new stuff and look forward to seeing it in person. I love auctions- they are the real supsense of life. My hint of the day is that the more years you wait to give that nice ring to Hilde, the less chance she will lose it.

dave said...

Er, too late, I already gave it to her. I couldn't resist.