Sunday, May 10, 2009

Come here often?

Hi readers.

If you read here with any regularity, I'd like to hear from you in the comments. I'll make it multiple choice; feel free to add short answers or even 5 paragraph essays if you're feeling particularly ambitious.

Select up to three choices.

I want more
A) Mixes and music
B) Book and movie reviews
C) Talk about rpgs and other nerd-friendly subjects
D) Talk about what's going on personally with Dave & family
E) Philosophical meanderings
F) Religious meanderings
G) Diagrams and charts
H) Other (Specify)


Lykaon said...

I pick C, E and F.

Though it's probably safer for me that I don't pick F. That usually just ends up making me mad, sad, or frustrated.

richintheory said...

hmmm... C, D, and G? Did I win?

jeans said...

I like C, G, and E/F, although I also like D because I read Shells but think your take might be different now and then.

Carol Younce said...

I choose B, D and F. Do I win a prize?

Unknown said...

I want more
A) Mixes and music

B) Book and movie reviews

C) Talk about rpgs and other nerd-friendly subjects

D) Talk about what's going on personally with Dave & family
Yes, though Michele covers this pretty admirably on her own.

E) Philosophical meanderings

F) Religious meanderings

G) Diagrams and charts

H) Other (Specify)
Pithy commentary on all things worthy of your opinion.

Marie W said...

C, D, and F...but I'm ready for anything you throw out there, Dave.

Anonymous said...

D, G and a tie between A & B.

Dave Y said...

Jeff, you're disqualified for not following directions. Hemisphire and jeans get their ties split into half-points.

Current totals:

A) .5
B) 1.5
C) 4
D) 4
E) 1.5
F) 3.5
G) 3
H) 1 (I will count Jeff here for the sake of inconsistency)

I did not expect C to be ranking so well with this particular group. Interested to see further responses.

Shells said...

H - I really miss your quizzes you used to do and although I rarely did well, would love to see them thrown in from time to time.

Disco Mom said...

B,D,G, mostly because I don't have attention span to keep up with and comment on meanderings, and I love your music but get it directly from the source.

H- Desperately miss the PoK's

Unknown said...

The catch-all "other nerd-friendly subjects" needs to be better defined. Do you mean nerd-friendly as it pertains to Camp Nerdly, or a broader definition, to possibly include G, as well as Michelle's suggestion for more quizzes (H)? For my first 2 choices I'd say D and E. As far as the 3rd choice, I want more Diagrams/Charts/Quizzes/Random Nerdiness. I'll leave it up to you to classify that as C, G, or H. :)

foreverlaym said...

D, E, and F. Mostly 'cause I don't know squat about what you're up to since I'm not a member of your family. But I definitely wouldn't mind more of A. I'm not smart enough to get any of the nerdy stuff and I'm definitely not smart enough to read or watch any of the media that you do. Sorry. True fact, though.

Dave Y said...

Poll Closed. Final showings:

A) Mixes and music: 1.5 votes
B) Book and movie reviews: 3.5 votes
C) Talk about rpgs and other nerd-friendly subjects: 4 votes
D) Talk about what's going on personally with Dave & family: 7 votes
E) Philosophical meanderings: 2.5 votes
F) Religious meanderings: 4.5 votes
G) Diagrams and charts: 5 votes
H) Other (Return of the Plane of Knowledge): 3 votes

Hmmm. Okay, that was handy. Thanks to everyone who participated; I reserve the right to stay true to the blog's title and post whatever I feel like, but I am glad to have this as a barometer.

K Cummings said...

I wanted to vote but am too indecisive.

Maren said...

E,F,G. Sorry my Google reader wasn't working there for a while. I know that's not really an excuse... but the weather's been nice, too. Anyway, there's my vote for what it's worth.

What matters is that you keep posting!