Monday, May 04, 2009

Monthly Mix: Just Don't

In which we brusquely offer you all sorts of advice on what not to do, and then finally remember to say "Please" in the last song.

This mix is divided into several Acts.

Act I: The Beautiful:
Don't Be So Cynical - I've only heard this song and one other, but I think The Arrogants will be getting some more attention from me.

Don't Be Afraid to Sing - I like Stars. You will too.

Don't Be Afraid of Your Anger - The excellent alt-country sound that I've always enjoyed from Clem Snide.

Don't Stop Believin' - Normally I don't go for acapella covers, but this one's an exception. Instead, think of it as a license to do what you would do with any version of this song: sing along with the guitar part.

Act II: The Synth and their Contemporaries
Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone) - and yet we did, Glass Tiger.

Don't Say Your Love is Killing Me - But it is! It is killing us, Erasure!

Don't Let Me Down Gently - Oh Wonder Stuff, we let you down rather hard I'm afraid.

Don't Go Back to Rockville - Seriously. Who would live in Rockville? (Rob, that's who. 'Nuff said)

Don't You (Forget About Me) - Sister song to the Glass Tiger one above. Same outcome.

Don't Go - You know I love Yaz. You know you do too.

Don't Change - But we did, INXS.

Don't Dream It's Over - But, I'm sorry to say this Crowded House, but it's pretty much over.

Don't Get Me Wrong - I was a teenager when I discovered I already knew most songs by The Pretenders just from hearing late 80s radio.

Don't Let's Start - Who could with a clear conscience omit TMBG?

Act III: The Rock Ballads
Don't Marry Her - This song is not OK for kiddos - omit it if you need to. I am a big The Beautiful South fan, which is why this is the only non-approved CD I bought and repeatedly listened to on my mission. (Well, that's not strictly true, I bought some Spanish rock too, but that was "language study")

Don't Let Me Get Me - I actually think this may be the only song by Pink that I like.

Don't Be Cruel - My Elvis-fan sister would be angry if this didn't make the list.

Don't Stop Me Now - You know you rock out to some Queen.

Don't Cry - I'm not a huge GNR fan, but I know some huge GNR fans and my friend Jeff married one of them, so this seemed appropriate.

Act IV: We Give Way to Anger (or at least Punk)
Don't Stop Living in the Red - I have a soft spot for Andrew W K.

Don't Drag Me Down - It's almost certainly the case that you don't have enough Social Distortion in your collection.

Don't Call Me White - NOFX's angry anti-rascism rant.

Please Don't Tease - See, I told you we'd remember our manners eventually.

Act V: A Bonus Track
Don't Touch Me - There was a time when friends and I would pull up at stoplights and blast this Brak classic just to watch the faces of the people around us. Try it sometime.

It's all here.


Anonymous said...

Volume 2:
Don't Cry Out Loud - don't laugh, BNL played it during their medleys

Don't Be Cruel - gotta have the Cheap Trick version too

Honey Don't - no Carl Perkins love?

Whatever You Do! Don't! - I am an unabashed Shania Twain fan

Don't Stop The Music - decent Rihanna song

Don't Cha - you can't ignore the Pussycat Dolls (even if you want too)

Don't Panic - Coldplay bringing us an important message from Douglas Adams

Don't Give Up - can't believe you didn't include Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush

Don't Look Back In Anger - they might chase you out of the UK for not including Oasis

Please Don't Leave Me - I like the new single by Pink

Don't Wanna Miss A Thing - not the greatest song, but a big hit for Aerosmith

Don't Stop - no Clinton theme song?

Don't Try Suicide - another Queen one

Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow - use the Indigo Girls version

Don't Look Back - Boston!

Why Don't You Get A Job - I love this song by the Offspring

Don't Pass Me By - no Beatles?

The Drugs Don't Work - Act VI: the depressing

I Don't Wanna Wait - Jill loves this

Don't Speak - is this a ballad?

Don't Worry, Be Happy - doooo, doo, doo, do

Don't Ask Me No Questions - Act VII: bad grammar

Don't Eat The Yellow Snow - Act VII: humour

I Don't Believe In Love - a Queensryche classic

I Don't Know - Ozzy! \m/

Ok, this is too much fun, I need to stop.

dave said...

Nicely done, Kerry. I had 144 songs (some duplicates and/or covers) show up when I type "Don't" into my iTunes search box, so I could probably do another volume or two myself.