Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Hotness!!

Week of new things!

- New Nephew! Congrats to the Mechams!
- New Camera! Michelle surprised me with a Canon digital SLR - I LOVE IT! flickr set is here
- New Knives! I got a couple of Calphalon Katana series knives to see if I want more. Guess what: I like them!
- New TV! We don't have our furniture yet, but we got a new TV since we couldn't ship our old one!


Unknown said...

So you have a camera, knives, and a Television.

I know there's a koke in there, I just can't quite work it out...

Ed said...

The pictures look great, congratulations! My next camera is going to be a full-blown SLR. I am loving the outside scenery shots - please tell me #29 is from your roof. I'm coming tomorrow. You live in England!

Dave Y said...

No, better, it's from the guest bedroom where you might stay! Nice to see you on here "Ed"!

Lyf2.0 said...

Damn baby! Those things are HOT!!