Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Hotness!!

Week of new things!

- New Nephew! Congrats to the Mechams!
- New Camera! Michelle surprised me with a Canon digital SLR - I LOVE IT! flickr set is here
- New Knives! I got a couple of Calphalon Katana series knives to see if I want more. Guess what: I like them!
- New TV! We don't have our furniture yet, but we got a new TV since we couldn't ship our old one!


Davey said...

So you have a camera, knives, and a Television.

I know there's a koke in there, I just can't quite work it out...

Ed said...

The pictures look great, congratulations! My next camera is going to be a full-blown SLR. I am loving the outside scenery shots - please tell me #29 is from your roof. I'm coming tomorrow. You live in England!

dave said...

No, better, it's from the guest bedroom where you might stay! Nice to see you on here "Ed"!

SuperGabers - The Mom said...

Damn baby! Those things are HOT!!