Monday, November 01, 2010


Competition is fierce!
Scores going in:
  1. (24 Fwips) Eric Cooper
  2. (23 Fwips) Davey Cruz
  3. (22 Fwips) Michelle Younce & Rob Greene
  4. (21 Fwips) Kenneth Yee
  5. (20 Fwips) Anne Austin
  6. (10 Fwips) Frank Manna
  7. (8 Fwips) William Atkins
  8. (6 Fwips) Karen Cordano
  9. (5 Fwips) Don Corcoran
  10. (3 Fwips) Nathan Grow
  11. (1 Fwip) Nick Renfroe, Kelly Bresnahan, Gabriel Soll, Akaemi Barnett


Geary said...

2-Troy -- Brad Pitt
9-The Maltese Falcon -- Humphrey Bogart
12-Last of the Mohicans -- Madeleine Stow
13-The Sting -- Paul Newman
14-Forget the name of the movie -- Jackie Chan
15-To Catch a Thief -- Grace Kelly
18-Clash of the Titans -- the original version
19-A James Bond Movie for which I forget the name -- Christopher Walken

jeans said...

Coming out of the woodwork for this one.

Wait, you have Scarlet Pimpernel (#8) on DVD? Can I borrow??

#4 Mad Max

#12 Last of the Mohicans

#13 The Sting

#14 that Jackie Chan western

#18 ORIGINAL Clash of the Titans, go Harryhousen!!

Been loving this series!

Unknown said...

I missed a day, but I can hope that this is strong enough to place close to the top.

1. I don't have a clue. I don't recognize anything about this shot.

2. Yeah, another strike out here.

3.That's early Christian Bale. So I'm going to guess Empire of the Sun b/c that is the only early movie of his I know.

4.We already had Troy right? So I guess that makes this... Alexander? I know that's not right, but it's all I can hazard.

5.That is Sean Bean. But I don't have a clue. Was there a Splinter Cell movie? Or Rainbow 6? I don't think so.

6.Is that Tim Roth? Don't You Recognize Gary Oldman? It's Rosencrantz & Guidenstern are dead. Statement! One Love.

7. Too Many to list them all, but Corey Feldman is in there The Goonies!

8.Sir Ian McKellon and Jane Seymoor in a movie I have never seen.

9.Humphrey Bogart. I think that's The Maltese Falcon, but I don't recognize the other fella guy enough to know his name, or know for sure the movie.

10. Kate Blanchet and I don't know the back of that head. Anthony Hopkins? I sure don't know the name.

11. No idea. I'd guess around the world in 80 days.

12.Last of the Mohicans. I don't remember the Actress name.

13. Paul Newman in the Sting

14.Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson in Shanghai Noon or possibly Nights, I don't know for sure. I didn't see the second one.

15. I recognize less in that picture than the first one.

16.Usual Suspects! Pete Postlewaite Steven Baldwin Baldwin and Gabryle Byrne. Also Stars Benicio Del Toro Kevin Pollock and Kevin Spacey. I might have seen this one a few times.

17.Al Pacino, Heat.

18. The real Clash of the Titans, not whatever schlock just came out in 3-D

19 Walken and Grace Jones in A View to a Kill

Shells said...

1 - LA Confidential - Russell Crowe
2 - No clue
3 - The Last Emperor - Christian Bale??
4 - Troy - Brad Pitt and Eric Bana??
5 - Patriot Games - Sean Bean
6 - No clue
7 - No clue
8 - The Scarlet Pimpernell - Jane Seymour and that one guy
9 - Humphrey Bogart in something good
10 - An Ideal Husband - Cate Blanchett
11 - No clue
12 - Last of the Mohicans
13 - The Sting - Robert Redford
14 - Owen Wilson - don't know the movie
15 - Grace Kelly - don't know the movie
16 - Usual Suspects - Gabriel Byrne
17 - No clue
18 - Clash of the Titans - Harry Hamlin
19 - A bond movie

Dave Y said...

grand totals and fwip awards tomorrow; long day at work and I'm exhausted.