Friday, March 19, 2010

Awesome Artifacts at Auction

Terrestial/Celestial Globe Set c. 1834
Replica Maritime clock used in the 'Longitude' film
Silver visiting card tray
Green Ivory-handled officer's sword, c. 1775
Whalebone and tortoiseshell walking stick
Bear with Ebony Tray


Rob said...

I've almost got Megan on board for the globes.

Disco Mom said...

How big is that bear? I have no idea how tall 122cm is. However, I DO have 8-1200 pounds to spend so I know what you're getting for your birthday!!!

Aaron said...

Very cool. I like the clock and the globes.

I came across this video of a Stanford Professor talking about how video games build leadership in our increasingly virtual, collaborative world. I thought you would find it interesting: