Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Try the Veal: Bonus Tracks

Basking briefly in Kari's praise, I remembered that I had a few more such tracks squirreled away, and went looking for them - I'm glad I did. Here's three more tracks I would have included if I had found them a couple of days ago:

Okano Kaori - Town Called Malice (The Jam)

Pyeng Threadgill - Close to Me (The Cure) - at first I wasn't sure this one was "lounge" enough, but then I was like: "Oh wait! Xylophones! Oboe!"

Trash Pour 4 - Take on Me (Ah-ha)

Enjoy! (right-click & "Save Link As" to save)

1 comment:

jeans said...

Gee, these are awesome. You are a true musical squirrel and we are better because of it.