Monday, January 26, 2009

Sometimes when I think of her name, and its only a game, and I need you...

I happened to mention in another internet medium that I was listening to covers of old Yaz/Yazoo songs. One of my sisters perked up and wanted copies. Here's a few versions of Only You:

Yazoo - Only You - the original, in case you were too young, too old, or didn't have older sisters whose music you could borrow.

Slut - Only You Unfortunately named band, great cover. Usually my favorite (see below)

Even in Blackouts - Only You Sometimes this one is my favorite. I like the female vocals, and the slightly folksy sound, and upbeat tempo.

Good Books - Only You - Brilliant, slow, almost goth-synth interpretation. Imagine an awesome 80s video made in Berlin in the rain with big hair and vinyl trenchcoats, and you're halfway there. My favorite if I'm in a certain 80s mood.

Freezepop - Only You - Not quite on the same level as the others, but worth including. The slight harmonization on the vocals is nice, though. Also, nice synth bridge, if you're into that sort of thing. And I know you are.

No guarantee on how long I'll keep these up, so get while the gettin's good.


Disco Mom said...

Suhweet, though I'm back in my room at DT in 1993 and I can't handle that kind of time travel very well anymore. Makes me feel old, fat and sad.

Disco Mom said...

OH, you KNOW i'm into the synth bridge. Freezepop is my favorite, at least for the mood I'm in right now. It's going on the HOT Party Mix! Thanks Dave!

Eric Cooper said...

Great stuff, Dave. Thanks for posting.

foreverlaym said...

Actually, I AM the "older sister" that had the Upstairs at Erics TAPE and this was one of my favorite songs. I had completely forgotten about it. Oh, and what was up with the Winter Kills song? Yazz was the best! (This is Heather Ence Layman, by the way)

Dave Y said...

Heather! It may take some effort to keep myself from calling you Sis. Ence, but I'm glad you stopped by!

Upstairs at Erics is one of my favorite album covers, too, for reasons I can't quite articulate.