Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Old Firm and the Napier Test

An interesting thing about being a clueless American living in England is that online news sites (this one came from a CNN link within Gmail) offer dastardly-sounding headlines like:

Celtic seven clear after Old Firm revenge

Sometimes I click on them, thinking (in this case) "Who are the Celtic seven?", "What were they on trial for?", "The Old Firm got its revenge? Is that the mafia or something?" etc. And then, almost inevitably, its about a sports team. The other day there was a really interesting sounding one that didn't even make any sense to me: Gayle hits 197 as Napier Test ends in draw - I thought (probably subconsciously thrown off by "Gayle") it might somehow be about a hurricane - 197 could be a wind speed, but what the devil is a Napier Test? I must know! Oh, right. Cricket. That most incomprehensible of British sports.

Bonus: Crew injured as speed yacht flips off France -those French are very sensitive to gestures made by passing yachts.


Coop said...

Did you read that article on cricket??? It's indecipherable. American football is bad enough. Thank goodness I don't have to explain cricket to my wife.

dave said...

I did, or rather, tried to, and totally agree. We live just down the road from the local Cricket ground, and every time we go for a walk down there we wander past the scoreboards and make up outlandish theories about what all the different parts mean. I have a feeling watching a match (or is it a test?) would feel like watching calvinball.