Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our sister, er, uxoral blog

Those of you anxious for news and views of our family should head over to the just-launched



hemisphire said...

Huh. That's a new one to me.

Ux*o"ri*al (?), a. [See Uxorious.] Dotingly fond of, or servilely submissive to, a wife; uxorious; also, becoming a wife; pertaining to a wife.

You're also the #1 Google search for uxorial blog.

Unknown said...

You're the number two search for Uxoral! It's like you went out of your way to find the most obscure term possible.


Nah, couldn't be. Our Dave, spending an hour on line looking up synonyms for wife, just to increase the blogs reading level above Genius?

Dave Y said...

If you must know, I've known the word (or at least its root) since 8th grade English class, when I was writing a short story and needed help with ideas. I ended up just flipping through the dictionary looking for something interesting, and landed near the end of the 'U's. Thus, the story featured uxoricide (killing of one's wife), and the murder weapon was decorated with a uvarovite (a type of garnet, if I recall).