Monday, December 24, 2007

Those of you itching for a decision tree...

...should check out the work that's been done at Stray Shopping Carts - apparently there's a book, too. When I was a young, cynical LDS missionary on the hardscrabble streets of LA, I would often see black plastic bags floating along the ground or in the air, or fluttering helplessly in a tree, and I would daydream of having a Nature-channel special that would follow them around, while a British narrator in hushed tones talked about what they were doing. This is in the same spirit.

Also, those of you not subscribed to the Shared Items are missing a good chunk of this blog's content, as highlighting a few items is often all I have time for. Comments on them are always welcome in whatever the current post is here, even if it will seem non sequitor to everyone else. And, lastly, Merry Christmas everyone.

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Anonymous said...

David Attenborough told me that black plastic bag milk tastes WRETCHEDLY POOR!