Monday, October 15, 2007

Another What if: Education

Today at lunch, Lykaon was saying he wished he could go back and get another degree in Psychology to help understand people, their motivations, and their relationships.

This has spurred quite a lively conversation, so here's my challenge to you:
From the degree programs, certificates, and other academic accreditations available at whatever college you spent the most time at, which one (besides the one you ended up with, if you did) would you find most interesting to pursue? For the sake of the hypothetical, we'll just assume you have time for the coursework, satisfy the prerequisites, and that paying for it isn't an issue. I also want to know, out of the same list of programs, which you would like _least_ to work towards -either because you feel it is useless, or too hard, or whatever.

Perusing GMU's list, I can say right off that the LEAST interesting to me is Jazz Studies - I think that's ridiculous, but the reasons will have to wait for another day. Most interesting would be either the minor in Folklore, the Master of Science in Information Security and Assurance, or a BA in History.

Gimme yours!


Unknown said...

Least: Math or Dance
Most: Business or Law

I also see that George Mason offers a Graduate Certificate in Mental Retardation. I hate to be overly juvenile, but that just sounds funny.

The Technonaut

Anonymous said...

Always one for the practical and hands on:

Least - math, philosophy
Most - mechanical engineering, architecture

Anonymous said...

Least: Applied Statistics
Most: Psychology

hemisphire said...

Least: English as a Second Language
Most: Video-Based Production

Maren said...

Well, I had to look up the choices from my alma mater and the college I currently live near to get a balanced view of the offerings. I have to say that Middlebury's list is shorter and sweeter, but I couldn't have done my photo BFA here.

Anyway, least: Accounting, Women's and Gender Studies, Classics

Most: MFA in Photography, MA in Art Education, BFA in Interior Design, BA in Dance (from BYU, not Middlebury), and whatever degree I have to get to have a full understanding of the physics of optics and light. Oh, yeah, and a degree in Baking and Pastry Arts from the CIA. Gee, I don't want much, do I?

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to keep me from getting any real work done here?

Not *that* CIA, Maren? Who knew they offered pastry classes?

I looked in GMU just to keep it the same list as Dave's.

Least: Law, Actuarial Science, Army ROTC, Gerontology (I'm getting there soon enough), Marketing

Most: Jazz Studies, Cultural Studies, Climate Dynamics

Dave Y said...

Aww, C'mon, Tona, give us your list from MIT or Brandeis!

Maren said...

No, the *other* CIA.
Disco, where's your dream list?

Unknown said...

I'm not allowed to play. Based on the fact I don't have a real degree, I'm certainly not going to play around with a hypothetical. As far as your interest in the minor in Folklore, I tracked down a friend who graduated from GMU. The minor in folklore can be obtained through the history department. He got an English Degree. The English department requires you to take a concentration, and he chose Folklore. So not a minor per say, but he took the same classes. He is now gainfully interning at an online and tabletop company, so that concentration really paid off for him. BTW, I know you said "whatever college you spent the most time at" but considering your next move, shouldn't you be looking here instead?

Disco Mom said...

I would like to know why out of all the options Tona wants Jazz Studies? I'm with Dave on that one. OK, give me a minute or a day and my dream list will be up.

Disco Mom said...

Least: Engineering, Philosophy, Physics, and all the things I don't know what they mean, like Bioinformatics

Most: Nutrition/Dietetics/Food Science, Graphic Design/Illustration, Psychology, Asian Studies, Political Science

David said...

most - sculpture
least - dance - modern