Sunday, September 16, 2007


Playing with what's available from, so I added a little playlist on the sidebar for you to play some of the songs I've been listening to lately. It said it would only play 30 second previews, but it seems to be playing the whole songs, for me at least.

It'll get updated from time to time, but not with any kind of regularity. Let me know if it plays the whole songs for you, and any thoughts you care to share about the feature or the music.


Unknown said...

Hey Dave,
it played all of Weezer for me.

Dave Y said...

I think i figured out that if you select a song, it'll only play the 30 second preview, but if you just hit the play buttton, it'll choose a song & play the whole thing on shuffle mode for the whole list.

Maren said...

That would explain why it was playing full songs for me one day and 30 second snips the next. User error.