Friday, May 05, 2006

Enders Game, anyone?

Australia To Train Whiz Kids For Future Cyber Warfare

My favorite part: "Deeble believes that he and the other baby-boomers in the RAAF will have to make way for the X and Y generations simply to avoid becoming an obstacle to a force of airmen whose brains have been hardwired as youngsters for creative and aggressive use of computers."


Anonymous said...

Fascinating. Contrast this with the belief of many New Agers that there is a special generation of peaceful, highly evolved children preparing to lead the world in the new age. These children can be identified, say some, by their indigo-colored auras, and their special characteristics are sometimes misdiagnosed as ADD (or, maybe, channeled into war gaming?) by people who don't recognize the gift.


(I don't know how to put hypertext in a post, sorry).

Dave Y said...

That is an interesting dichotomy. The 90-95% indigo rate seems pretty high to me, though.
I suppose both could be right, since the indigo thing is talking about kids born in the last 10 years, whereas the Aussie thing is talking about Gen X & Gen Y, which would be older than that, right?

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's true. Generation X, Wikipedia says, is 1961-1981. So, you and me. Generation Y is 1982-2003 (or, up to y2k but not after), so Indigos would be the first 21st century generation, and way too young to join the Australian AF for a while.